Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Closer

"The Book of Exodi" is getting closer and closer to publication, and therefore, my short story "The Last Day on Earth" is also getting closer to publication in this intriguing anthology. (The Book of Exodi, ISBN 978-1-936075-00-3, 6"x9" trade paperback. Edited by Michael K. Eidson. Introduction by Harry Turtledove. Hardcover edition will also be made available. )

You can read all about it on Eposic's website ( You can also pre-order the book, if you so desire (you do, you do, you DO desire!); pre-order instructions are also on the website.

I have it on good authority these books will make excellent Father's Day gifts. And Holiday gifts. Any holiday. Of course, my opinion might be a tad biased. But there's 19 great stories in this collection, all of which are fascinating speculative fiction takes on the theme of mass exodus. I know you'll enjoy every story, so hurry and pre-order your copies now.

Yours in speculative wonder,
Anita Ensal

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wishes For a Fantastic Day

I'm posting late today because I've been having a wonderful Mother's Day. My family has treated me well, as always, and I've just had time to get to my beloved keyboard and write.

I didn't want to let the day go, however, without sending wishes out to all the other mothers out there, for a fantastical day, and night, and, we can hope, year. May you enjoy all that makes you happy and nothing that makes you too sad -- a little sadness, of course, is fine and makes the joys all the better. But I hope your mother's day is filled with contentment and your heart is filled with love.

Yours in well wishes,
Anita Ensal

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